Tamal En Cazuela, Seasoned 18 Packs 12 oz each

Tamal En Cazuela, Seasoned 18 Packs 12 oz each

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The Tamal en Cazuela is made from fresh corn, corn meal and seasonings. This product is ideal for those who wish to add their own meat (beef, pork, chicken, or even seafood). The Tamal en Cazuela is prepared by mixing the same amount of water as corn mixture. Add your own seasoning and follow the instructions for the Tamal en Cazuela. - can be mixed with water or milk.

Cook on high heat until it thickens, constantly stirring, then simmer for 45 minutes. You can add your own meat (i.e, beef, chicken, pork, seafood), already cooked, when the product thickens.

 These are the real " Cuban Style Specialties". Restaurant Quality. 
Shipped directly to you from the heart of Cuban  Miami. 
 Keep them in the freezer and use as needed. 
Deep fry or place in oven while still frozen. 
Great for snacks, parties or family gathering. Kids Love Them !! 
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