Our company was established in 1996 when the Internet was making its way into retailing and wholesaling Online. Our philosophy is that we are in business to make a just profit and to remunerate our staff with honorable wages and opportunities of growth, but at the same time offer our customers top quality products delivered to your door at the lowest prices, and offer the best customer service. We carry over 3000 Cuban Specialties, from Cuban bread to Guayaberas. We stock an extensive variety of traditional Cuban music as well as old Cuban books, Cuban memorabilia and Cuban collectibles. Our stock also includes a complete line of Cuban Party goods, Cuban Party favors as well as drink mixes such as the famous Cuban mojito.

We also have the biggest selection of Cuban coffee, Cuban food, Cuban spices, Cuban Bakery and Cuban guava products as well as the complete line of Badia Spices products. We are proud to distribute the following brands, Badia Spice, Conchita Foods, Grace Foods. Carmencita, Chiquilin, Sanches Mira, Bustelo, Cubita, Pilon, La llave, La Lechonera, Garcima Paelleras, Imusa, Klock, Carbonell, Café Yaucono, Sello Rojo, Turrones, Bene Casa, Bialetti among many others.

Baby products such as Mi Teroso, Para Mi Bebe, Spanish fragrances such as Agustin Reyes, Violetas Francesas, Corlys, Heno de Pravia, Crusellas are part of our inventory.

We sell following canned foods, such as Cuban Black Beans, Kirby, El Ebro, La Barraca, Calasparra, Serpis, Cruz de Malta, Hatuey, Cubanita, Gilda, Rika Palacio de Oriente, Quijote, Palacios, El Faro, Materva, Jupina, Ironbeer.

Our selection of over 300 T-Shirts and Cuban colors such as flags, car accessories is insuperable. We carry Cuban domino games, cubiletes, loterias and beautiful domino tables.

We also stock the following brand names: Bijol Spices, P.A.N. , Chili Willy, Vigo, La Barraca

Today we are proud to serve thousands of clients world wide, from little Havana to the rest of the world