Professional Paellero Gas Burner Model L-40

Professional Paellero Gas Burner Model L-40

Code: BUR-L40



Product Description

This L-40 model paella burner works with pans up to 22 inches in diameter. It is a step up from our G model burners because there is an additional ring to provide more heat. The burner rings are flat, and the flame holes are on the side of the ring, with a double row of flames on the innermost ring. Total BTU output 51,000.
The diameters of the rings, measured from where the flames appear, are as follows: 3 inches, 8 1/4 inches, and 15 1/2 inches. The heat on the inner two rings is controlled by the same knob. The outside ring has its own control knob.

Our burners offer maximum control and flexibility when you are cooking paella outdoors. They supply even heat under the entire paella pan, so you can relax and enjoy the cooking. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions.

This burner is for propane gas only.

Made in Spain