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Conchita grated coconut in syrup 32 oz

Conchita grated coconut in syrup  32 oz
Code: COC00106
Price: $11.99
Shipping Weight: 2.25 pounds
Spanish Description: El tradicional coco rayado en albimar por la conocida marca Conchita. Una tradicion Cubana, sirva con cualquier queso especialmente queso crema.
Quantity in Basket: None
Grated Coconut in syrup. Tropical dessert preferred by Cubans of all ages. Serve with any white cheese.

Coconuts have long been used in a variety of dishes and recipes. We offer our Grated Coconut in Heavy Syrup in a 17 oz. and 32 1/2 oz. cans. They can be used as a topping for flan or ice cream, or enjoyed with a piece of cheese. Our Coconut Milk is of the highest quality available. It is used in many Caribbean and Asian dishes, and comes in a 14 oz. can


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