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Badia Chamomile And Anise 10 Tea Bags

Badia Chamomile And Anise 10 Tea Bags
Code: BAD00225
Price: $1.81
Shipping Weight: 0.20 pounds
Spanish Description: MANZANILLA CON ANIS
Cuando se añade a las propiedades calmantes de la manzanilla, un ligero toque de anis proporciona una infusion deliciosa. Esta mezcla es perfecta como una infusion con propiedades digestivas y medicinales. Disfrutado despues de cada comida. No solo ayudara a aliviar la digestion, sino que tambien endulzara el aliento y dejara un regusto dulce

Quantity in Basket: None
When added to the soothing properties of chamomile, a light touch of anise provides a delightful infusion. This blend is perfect as a digestive and medicinal tea. Enjoyed after each meal, it will not only help in easing digestion but will also sweeten the breath and leave a fresh aftertaste

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