Goya Organics Black Beans 15.5 oz

Goya Organics Black Beans 15.5 oz

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Product Description

The GOYA Black Beans you love now also come in Organic! These black beans have an amazing earthy flavor, creamy texture and are seasoned with sea salt EXCELLENT DIET COMPATIBILITY | 100% USDA Certified Organic, Gluten Free, Low Fat, Cholesterol Free, Saturated Fat Free and Kosher. High in Fiber and Good Source of Protein, Iron, and Potassium CONVENIENT | GOYA Organic Black Beans are a perfect fit for a busy lifestyle. Use the Easy Open Lid, then season, heat and serve, or enjoy cold in a delicious salad! PREMIUM QUALITY | If it's Goya... it has to be good! | ¡Si es Goya... tiene que ser bueno!