Goya Giant White Corn 14 oz Pack of 2

Goya Giant White Corn 14 oz Pack of 2

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Product Description

GOYA GIANT CORN 16 OZ. Goya Foods Goya Giant Corn 16 Oz. Directions: Instructions: Soaking Methods: To 1/2 lb. dry corn add 3 to 4 cups hot water. Boil 2 minutes, then set aside for one hour. Or let stand in 3 to 4 cups cold water overnight. Drain and rinse corn. Helpful Hint: Corn is harvested in its natural state. Even with the most careful attention and best processing equipment available, we suggest you look over the contents closely to pick out any foreign substances such as small stones, soil particles, ect. As a helpful hint, rinse corn with drinkable water to provide a wholesome dish.