Goya  Chicken & Beef  Powdered Bouillon Bundle 2.82 oz

Goya Chicken & Beef Powdered Bouillon Bundle 2.82 oz

Code: GOY-BOI-02



Product Description

Goya  Chicken & Beef  Powdered Bouillon Bundle consists:

01 Goya Chicken Powdered Bouillion 2.82 oz.
01 Goya Beef Powdered Bouillion 2.82 oz

Looking to add a delicious and authentic Hispanic flavor to your favorite dishes? Look no further than the Goya Chicken and Beef Powdered Bouillon Bundle! This bundle includes two 2.82-ounce of Goya's high-quality bouillons - one chicken and one beef - to enhance the flavor of your soups, stews, gravies, and marinades.

Goya's Chicken Powdered Bouillon is made with real chicken meat and a blend of herbs and spices to create a rich and savory flavor that's sure to please your taste buds. The Beef Powdered Bouillon, on the other hand, is made with real beef and a savory mix of seasonings that will add depth and complexity to your dishes.

These bouillons are incredibly easy to use - simply dissolve them in hot water and add to your favorite recipes. They're also versatile, allowing you to adjust the flavor to your liking by adding more or less bouillon.

With the Goya Chicken and Beef Powdered Bouillon Bundle, you'll get two jars of high-quality bouillon that are sure to become a staple in your kitchen. Goya is a trusted brand known for their commitment to authentic Hispanic flavors, and you can trust that these bouillons will help you create delicious meals that your family and friends will love. Try them today and taste the difference for yourself!