Gofio El Guanche. 16 oz Bag

Gofio El Guanche. 16 oz Bag




Product Description

Gofio is a natural product with no artificial coloring or preservative, only toasted wheat . It can be mixed to taste with sugar, milk or water. Manufactured by El Guanche in the Canary Islands. This is a very healthy. Packed in a 1 pound box. What is Gofio? Gofio is the Canary Islands name for flour made from roasted grains, typically wheat or certain varieties of maiz , some varieties containing a little added salt. Gofio has been an important ingredient in Canarian cooking for some time, and Canarian emigrants have spread its use to the Caribbean specially in Cuba. Generally it is employed in a wide variety of recipes and is very popular as a milk shake. The gofio commercially available in the Canary Islands is always finely ground, like ordinary flour