Bustelo Supreme  Cuban Coffee - Ground  vacuum pack.  10 Oz

Bustelo Supreme Cuban Coffee - Ground vacuum pack. 10 Oz

Code: CAF01705



Product Description

Looking for a bold and delicious coffee that will transport you to the vibrant streets of Cuba? Look no further than Bustelo Supreme Cuban Coffee.

Crafted from the finest beans and expertly roasted to perfection, Bustelo Supreme Cuban Coffee delivers a rich and robust flavor that is sure to satisfy even the most discerning coffee lovers. With its full-bodied taste and smooth finish, this coffee is the perfect way to start your day or to enjoy as an afternoon pick-me-up.

Each vacuum-packed bag contains 10 ounces of ground coffee, making it easy to brew up a fresh and flavorful pot whenever you need it. And with its convenient packaging, you can be sure that your coffee will stay fresh and delicious for as long as possible.

So why settle for ordinary coffee when you can experience the bold and flavorful taste of Bustelo Supreme Cuban Coffee? Order your bag today and savor the delicious taste of this classic Cuban brew.