Badia  Citrus Pepper Bundle

Badia Citrus Pepper Bundle

Code: BAD-CITR03



Product Description

Introducing the Badia Citrus Pepper Bundle - the perfect addition to any spice collection for those who love to add a zesty, tangy kick to their dishes. This bundle includes three delicious flavors: Lemon Pepper, Lime Pepper, and Orange Pepper.

The Lemon Pepper blend combines the bright, citrusy flavor of lemons with the warm, earthy taste of black pepper. It's perfect for seasoning chicken, fish, and vegetables, giving them a burst of freshness that will elevate any meal.

The Lime Pepper blend adds a tangy twist to any dish, combining the zesty flavor of limes with the savory taste of black pepper. Use it to season your favorite meats, seafood, or even salads for a delicious burst of flavor.

Finally, the Orange Pepper blend combines the sweet, refreshing taste of oranges with the bold flavor of black pepper. It's perfect for seasoning pork, beef, or even adding a unique twist to your morning scrambled eggs.

Each blend comes in a generous 6.5 oz jar, ensuring that you'll have plenty of seasoning for all your culinary creations. So why not add a touch of citrusy goodness to your cooking with the Badia Citrus Pepper Bundle?