Wood domino table cuban music. Oak stain finish.

Wood domino table cuban music. Oak stain finish.




Product Description

FREE SHIPPING - CONTIGUOS STATES ONLY. Hand made large domino table made with top quality grain exposed pinewood, polished and double finished for greater beauty. Overall size 36" x 36" wide and 32 1/2" tall. Large 30" x 30" playing area designed for playing the typical Cuban double nine domino game. Four acrylic protected drink holders, one on each corner. Each player side has an 11" long tile holder to keep the pieces concealed from the other players, finished with a Cuban icon collage design. Colorful Cuban theme 25" x 25" center design covered with a clear acrylic finish that make the tiles easy to shuffle between games. Overall table construction is reiforced and has sturdy retractable metal legs for great table stability. Legs fold for quick and easy storage. Table may be hung from wall like a framed picture adding to the decor of any room and to save overall storage space.