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Tetera coffee making set with enamel cup, filter and base

Tetera  coffee making set  with enamel cup, filter and base
Price: $40.45
Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds
Spanish Description: Esta era la tradicional forma de colar el cafe cubano antes que existieran las modernas cafeteras. Aun hoy en dia todavia hay muchas personas que prefieren colar su cafe de esta forma. Incluye colador de tela y envase de peltre.(Color puede variar del que aparece en la imagen)
Quantity in Basket: None
This was the traditional way to make Cuban coffee before the modern coffee makers were in the market place. Even today many people still prefer their Cuban coffee made this way. Set consists of cloth filter with handle, 12 oz enamel cup (colo and size r may differ) and wood base as shown.
It is easy and fast, here is how:
In a small pot heat 1 cup of fresh water. When it starts boiling add 4 teaspoons of your favorite Cuban ground coffee and 3 teaspoons of sugar. After it stars boiling again, remove form stove (a few seconds), stir with a spoon for a few seconds. Pour the mix into the cloth filter and let it drain to the enamel cup. (Adjust for coffee and sugar quantities to your taste)

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