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"Paella pan. / Paellera 5 servings. 12.5"""

"Paella pan. / Paellera 5  servings. 12.5"""
Code: PAE32CM
Price: $16.17
Shipping Weight: 5.00 pounds
Spanish Description: Importada de España. Esta es la autentica paellera, usada por los españoles por muchas generaciones. Fabricada con acero al carbono pulido, con fondo indentado para una mejor distribucion del calor. Con el uso, su paellera se ira "curando" y probablemente cambie algo de color. Esto es muy deseado por los cocineros que se especializan en paellas ya que el curarse le imparte mas sabor a su arroz. Mientra mas la use mejor se pone! Despues de usarla solo lave a mano, seque bien y aplique una capa de aceite de oliva para prever que se oxide
Sorry, TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK but it will be available again real soon

Quantity in Basket: None
This is the traditional paella pan that has been used in Spain for centuries. The dimples in the botton ot the pan is a technique used during its manufacturing process to distribute the heat evenly when you are cooking your paella. With use the pan will become seasoned or "aged". This is actually very desirable because it will impart additional flavor to your paella. The more you use it the better it becomes. After use, wash by hand, dry well and apply a coat of olive oil to the entire pan to prevent it from rusting. Made with polished heavy carbon steel steel. Imported from Spain

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