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Badia Star Anise Tea Bags 10 bags Pack of 3

Badia Star Anise Tea Bags 10 bags Pack of 3

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Product Description

STAR ANISE The infusion obtained by immersing ground anise seed with boiling water has a very licorice like flavor. This spice, obtained from a member tree of the magnolia family, has a characteristic pungent flavor, lingering and numbing, leaving the palate stimulated and fresh. A cardamom seed, some cloves or even a dash of ginger added to a cup of this tea can transform it into the grand finale of a superb dinner. ANIS ESTRELLADO La infusion obtenida mediante la inmersion de semilla molida de anis con agua hirviendo tiene un sabor muy placentero. Esta especia, que se obtiene de un arbol miembro de la familia de la magnolia, tiene un sabor picante caracteristico, persistente y adormecedor, dejando el paladar estimulado y fresco. Una semilla de cardamomo, unos dientes o incluso una pizca de jengibre anadido a una taza de este te se transforma en la gran final de una excelente cena