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How does it all work?
You add one of the links that we provide you and place in a visible area on your site. We payout 5% of sales that come from linking to our store.

What about Payouts?
We send commission checks once a month. The commissions are based on sales generated from customers whom clicked on our banner and was brought to our site. You will receive 5 % of those customer sales. We pay either by check or through pay pal

Our Affiliate Partnership Program:
* Our program is FREE to join.
* Generates "extra" income simply by adding our banner to your site. We recommend adding in a visible location so your customers will know to visit us.
* We pay out monthly after the $25.00 total has been accrued. If in one month you have not met the $25.00, we roll over until the next or until your balance reaches $25.00.

By creating an account, you are applying for our program. We will review your site and let you know if you are approved. At that time, you can use the affiliate provided links.

We look forward to a successful partnership!

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Affiliate Program Agreement

PLEASE READ THIS AGREEMENT BEFORE PROCEEDING. It is between Cubanfoodmarket.com and you and/or the company that you represent. When clicking on the "ACCEPT" button you agree to all terms and conditions described below.