Mariquitas Yuca Chips 6.5 oz Pack of 3

Mariquitas Yuca Chips 6.5 oz Pack of 3

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Product Description


As consumers become more health conscious, they’re seeking wholesome alternatives in the snack aisle and our fiber-rich Yuca Chips can satisfy that need. With less fat than potato chips, this guilt-free snack is crafted from the root of the nutrient-packed cassava root. Uniquely delicious and cholesterol-free, our Yuca Chips have twice the fiber and 40% less fat than potato chips.

We prepare our thinly sliced Yuca Chips using a proprietary process that brings unforgettable crunch and crispness to every bite.

gluten freeGluten Free
no preservativesNo Preservatives
zero trans fatZero Grams Trans Fat
cholesterol freeCholesterol Free