Manicero Kit (The Peanut Vendor)

Manicero Kit (The Peanut Vendor)



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Product Description

Add lots of fun to your Cuban party with this peanut vendor costume. Consists of a white T shirt with the lirycs of the world famous Cuban song "El Manisero" (1920's) "The Peanut Vendor" and the vendor's advertisng on the front as shown on the image above. Includes an adjustable paper hat printed as shown above and 12 peanut "cucuruchos" the traditional paper fold where delicious hot peanuts were sold. These are empty so that you may fill them up with you ownn peanuts and pass them around among your guests.
Kick up your party another notch by playing "El Manicero" that has 24 versions of thie famous melody. Select it above to be included with your order.