Mama Rosa;s Kitchen - Cuban Vegetarian 295 Pages

Mama Rosa;s Kitchen - Cuban Vegetarian 295 Pages

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Product Description

Absolutely unique and indispensable to vegans, vegetarians, and lovers of Cuban cuisine, Mama Rosa's Plant Powered Cuban Cookbook is the first and only collection of traditional Cuban dishes, each lovingly recreated for the health-conscious foodie in your life! Mama Rosa (otherwise known outside her kitchen as Dr. Rosa Gonzalez) spent a lifetime collecting and perfecting the delicious food of her culture before adapting those beloved recipes for her family's recent transition to a healthy plant-based lifestyle. Take this edible, plant powered journey with Mama Rosa as she shares her inspirational adventure, from 19 year old Cuban refugee to becoming the first Latina woman in the United States to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Nuclear Engineering Science, and beyond- all while curating the delicious Cuban cuisine passed down from generations of her familia. Whether you're a vegan or just a lover of great food, Mama Rosa's Plant Powered Cuban Cookbook is a must-have. Mama Rosa's flavorful plant-based dishes will deliver the authentic taste of Cuba into your kitchen and inspire you to pursue a healthier and more compassionate lifestyle. From meatless seitan to dairy-free flan, these easy-to-prepare Cuban recipes incorporate healthy, fresh, unprocessed ingredients to the delight of your friends, family, and even your kids!