Juan Valdez Premiun Selection Coffee Bold -Fuerte  Cumbre 12 Oz

Juan Valdez Premiun Selection Coffee Bold -Fuerte Cumbre 12 Oz

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Product Description

Enjoy a refreshing brew with this 12 oz Juan Valdez Premium Selection Cumbre Ground Roasted Coffee. It has intense and impressive flavors and is designed to awaken the senses. Juan Valdez ground coffee is potentiated through a medium to high roasting point, giving it an impressive character with herbal and dry fruity notes. It is made from 100 percent hand-picked premium Colombian coffee. Each Juan Valdez® Coffee is the result of the work and commitment of more than 500,000 coffee growers and their families. With your purchase, you are directly contributing to the improvement of their living conditions; a percentage of the sales from the Juan Valdez® brand is reinvested in the wellbeing of the growers. 100% premium, hand-picked, Colombian, caffeinated coffee Impressive character with herbal and dry fruity notes Features a characteristic richness and aroma with unique attributes
Acidity: Medium - Low Fragrance: Intense Body: Medium - High
Ingredients: Ingredients: 100% Colombian Excelso Quality Coffee - Coffea Arabica
Directions: Instructions: Tips to brew a perfect cup of Juan Valdez® coffee: 1. The ideal grind: For Espresso / Fine; Drip / Moderate; French Press / Coarse 2. The right measures: 1 tbsp (7g of coffee) for 1 cup (4 floz) For best results, we recommend using filtered water and storing your coffee inside a sealed container for freshness.