Juan Valdez Ground Coffee 100% Organic 10 oz Pack of 2.

Juan Valdez Ground Coffee 100% Organic 10 oz Pack of 2.

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Product Description

This 100 percent organic Juan Valdez Gourmet Selection Organico Ground Coffee was grown and handpicked honoring the principles of environmentally-friendly agriculture. It will make a tasty option for your morning wake up call. Juan Valdez ground coffee is a balanced coffee with a flavor that reflects the region's tropical rainforests. It's naturally roasted to provide an intense fragrance that's easy to enjoy. It's simple to prepare so you can have a fresh cup brewed in your home right away. Juan Valdez organic coffee is available in a convenient 10 oz size, offering plenty to enjoy. It's shelf stable for easy storage when not in use. The coffee will make a delightful addition to your breakfast items with its smooth blend and lasting flavor. Juan Valdez Gourmet Selection Organico Ground Coffee, 10 Oz:
Acidity: medium Fragrance: intense Juan Valdez ground coffee body: medium Flavored notes: balanced fresh notes that evoke a walk in the forest Organic blend 100% hand picked Naturally roasted Premium Colombian coffee
Ingredients: Ingredients: 100% Colombian Excelso, Quality Coffee Arabica, Naturally Roasted
Directions: Instructions: Tips to brew a perfect cup of Juan Valdez® coffee: 1. The ideal grind -- For Espresso / Fine, Drip / Moderate, French Press / Coarse 2. The right measures -- 1 tbsp (7g of coffee) for 1 cup (4 fl oz). For best results, we recommend using filtered water and storing your coffee in a fresh environment and inside a sealed container. Preferably consume it, during eight days after opening.