Havana Grand Americano Medium Dark Roast 12 oz

Havana Grand Americano Medium Dark Roast 12 oz

Code: HAVG1381



Product Description

A medium dark coffee roast with a lighter taste created for those coffee lovers that enjoy a tall lighter cup.
This company was born in Miami and was inspired by essence , nostalgia and tradition of 1950's golden age of Havana.
Our team of world class roasters led by the supervision of Luis Bustelo carefully select the best Arabica and Robusto beans from around the globe and combine them into a best in class Grand Havana Optimum Blend.
Extra steps are taken to roast several different origins of beans to different roast levels and combine them into this blend to create a unique profile that results in a full bodied coffee with a smooth finish.
This blend of beans creates a unique flavor and a combination of natural bean characteristics not found in any one type of single origin coffee bean