Harina P.A.N Pre-Cooked Whole Grain White Corn Meal 2.3 lbs

Harina P.A.N Pre-Cooked Whole Grain White Corn Meal 2.3 lbs

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Product Description

  • THE MOST POPULAR WHITE CORN MEAL  – NOW EVEN HEALTHIER: P.A.N. from Empresas Polar has become one of the most cherished brands of pre-cooked white corn meal  – an essential product in every homes ! Our new presentation, Whole Grain Corn Meal, is naturally low in sodium and cholesterol and a great alternative for people who want to eat the traditional recipes made with precooked white cornmeal, but in an even healthier way
  • DELICIOUS FLAVOR AND FIBER-RICH – A PERFECT BALANCE: Being Whole Grain means having it all! P.A.N. is an excellent source of fiber because it is made with whole corn kernels, keeping the grain´s proteins and nutrients without sacrificing the delicious flavor that makes P.A.N. so popular and versatile. Each pack contains 1Kg (35.27 oz / 2 lbs)
  • EASY TO PREPARE – Our white corn meal is pre-cooked, meaning your delicious meals will take less time to be ready! Just by adding water, P.A.N. whole grain makes instant corn dough, creating a variety of delicious corn based dishes. It can be cooked on a cast iron pan, grill, arepa maker, budare, arepa toaster, griddle or oven!
  • MADE WITH PREMIUM CORN AND SELECTED GRAINS - FOR CREATIVE AND TRADITIONAL MEALS – Our premium corn makes the best corn meal! Our product is 100% natural and additive-free, perfect to prepare a substitute for bread in any breakfast or brunch and main ingredient for Venezuelan, Colombian or Mexican recipes such as crisp arepas, sweet arepas, cornbread, corn pancakes, empanadas, tortillas, polenta, corn cookies, hallacas, fried milho, corn chips, and more!
  • KOSHER, HALAL, 100% GLUTEN FREE – MADE IN THE U.S.A.: Gluten Free, without preservatives, artificial colors or flavorings. Ingredients: pre-cooked whole grain white corn meal. Manufactured with the highest standards of quality for grocery products by International Grains and Cereals LLC under the license of Alimentos Polar. Keep in a clean, dry place