Goya Majarete  Corn Pudding  4 servings.  3.5 oz

Goya Majarete Corn Pudding 4 servings. 3.5 oz

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Product Description

A traditional Cuban dessert. This corn pudding is simple and quick to prepare, just add milk. Enjoy.


What is majarete?
Majarete is a pudding. It has been called a traditional Cuban dessert, there’s certainly dispute about which country actually originated this pudding. Also, there are some differences as to what majarete contains, and the Cuban version is quite different than the Puerto Rican versions. Cuban recipes call majarete a cooked corn pudding, which gets extra taste from the addition of coconut milk. Traditionally, you would use fresh grated corn to get the corn taste, though there are also recipes made with cornmeal. Since cornmeal thickens better, recipes containing it may be easier to make than those containing fresh corn. Puerto Rican majarete does not contain corn but instead is a mix of coconut, milk, sometimes rice milk, and sugar. Both versions may contain cinnamon, vanilla, and may be served topped with a little cinnamon.