Goya Latin Roots Chips Exotic Blend 6 oz

Goya Latin Roots Chips Exotic Blend 6 oz

Code: GOYA-4852



Product Description

Goya Latin Roots Chips Exotic Blend with Sea Salt 6 oz
Low Sodium
Excellent Source of vitamin A

Treat yourself to these GOYA® Latin Roots Chips Exotic Blend, a delicious blend of baked root chips: sweet potato, purple sweet potato, yellow cassava, and tropical taro. Made with 100% natural and fresh ingredients that go from the field to the bag in less than 24 hours, which gives a very delicious flavor. The variety of roots, presented in these thin baked slices with a crispy texture, make these chips a very exotic combination. Let yourself be captivated by their splendid flavor, perfect to enjoy at any time of the day. Good source of vitamin A. Low sodium. No added sugar. Contains no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Non-GMO. Gluten free. Naturally grain-free. Kosher.