Gallo Victor Guedes Pure Olive Oil 32 oz Pack of 2

Gallo Victor Guedes Pure Olive Oil 32 oz Pack of 2

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Product Description

Gallo Olive Oil  from the Mediterranean, dating back as far as 1860 and obtaining its Trademark in 1919. This is a Premium Gourmet Olive Oil with low acidity 0.5 for the most demanding chef, it has an intense aroma and flavor with a unique texture combined with a rare complexity of flavors with medium notes of spicy, fruity as well as bitterness, once tasted will be kept in your memory beyond the end of your meal. The production of olive oil is an ancestral artisan tradition in the Mediterranean basin, its mastery dates back to 3000 BC. In Portugal, the olive tree plantations can be traced back to the Visigothic Code of 506 AD, that has conquered over time other continents and all cooking styles. Olive oil is often referred to as the golden liquid, having in the distant past served as a means of exchange between people from the Mediterranean region and the Middle East Olive oil is also a vegetable fat, but the only one mainly composed of monounsaturated fatty acids (principally oleic acid). Not only is the fat composition unique, but olive oil is also rich in polyphenol that contribute to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress. These two features make olive oil the healthiest and best fat. The beneficial effect is achieved with a daily dose of 2 spoons of olive oil. Oils of Life.