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Funny Cuban T-Shirt Cubonics



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100% cotton t-shirt, good quality heavy to medium weight fabric, double stitched in collar and sleeves for longer durability. Printed in full color. Pre-shrunk but for longer wear, wash in cold water turning inside out so image will be more protected when washing. Tumble dry at medium temperature.


No me importa un pito - I don't care a whistle - I don't care at all
Me importa tres pepinos - I care three cucumbers - I don't care at all
Me sacaron el higado - They took my liver out - I worked like a slave
Me sacaron el kilo - They took the penny out of me - I worked like a slave
Le pusistes la tapa al pomo - You put the lid on the jar - You really messed up this time
Tu no pintas nada _ You don't paint anything - This doesn't concern you
Vamos a echar un pie - Let's throw a foot - Let's dance
Estas comiendo de lo que pica el pollo - You are eating what the chicken nibble - You're wasting your time in foolish things
Estas acabando - You are finishing - You're a big success
Sigue durmiendo de ese lado - Keep sleeping on that side - Keep on waiting
Te la comiste. - You ate it - You did great
Te estas metiendo en camisa de once varas - You are getting into an eleven yards shirt - You're getting into big trouble
Eramos pocos y pario Catana - We were few and Catana gave birth - There were too many people here, and then more showed up
Es un arroz con mango - It is a rice with mango - It's a very complicated thing
No tiene dos dedos de frente- He doesn't have two fingers of forehead - He has no intelligence at all
Para luego es tarde - For later, it's late - Don't wait, let's do it now
Nos dejastes plantados - You left us planted - You stood us up