Eating Cuban : 120 Recipes From The Streets Of Havana To American Shores (Hardcover)

Eating Cuban : 120 Recipes From The Streets Of Havana To American Shores (Hardcover)




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Book Description To ďeat CubanĒ is to savor a deliciously complex culinary culture. Spanish, Native American, African, Chinese, and French traditions have all contributed to Cuban cooking, producing a distinctive Caribbean cuisine as richly chorded as the islandís music. Beverly Cox and Martin Jacobsís itinerary takes them from the barrio, paladars (private restaurants), and chic nightspots of Havana to the eateries of Floridaís emigrť communities. From their journeys, theyíve gathered more than 120 recipes that comprehensively document Cuban cookingís diversity, from the black bean soup found on any Cuban table, to the empanadas sold by Havanaís street vendors, to the grilled sandwiches that are a mainstay of Miamiís Calle Ocho, to the innovative dishes devised by chefs at top Cuban restaurants. Gorgeously illustrated with Jacobsís photographs ómany shot on the authorsí travels through CubaóEating Cuban highlights Cuban foodís historical roots, the classic Creole dishes that evolved from these disparate cultural influences, current trends in Cuban cooking, street foods and on-the-go snacks, and quintessential Cuban beverages from cafť Cubano to the mojito. A valuable resource list helps American cooks locate the required ingredients, and a restaurant directory points the way to the very best in Cuban cuisineóin Cuba and the U.S.