Doñarepa White Corn Meal Donarepa  35.3 oz

Doñarepa White Corn Meal Donarepa 35.3 oz

Code: DON00208



Product Description

  • Doñarepa White Corn Meal, made from the starches of corn grains 100% natural and subjected to a process of cleaning, extraction of the germ, pre-cooking and grinding, which make Doñarepa the best option of precooked flour corn for your preparations.
  • Ideal for arepas, wrapped, empanadas, tamales, cakes and many more delights that you can find in our recipe section.
  • Doñarepa white corn meal is what every Latino must keeps in their pantry for preparation of the most flavorful and traditional meals.
  • Pre Cooked White Corn Meal (2.2 lb / 1 kg)