Cuban Espresso Coffee Gift Set for 6

Cuban Espresso Coffee Gift Set for 6

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Product Description

This Cuban Espresso Coffee Gift Set is the perfect way to share the traditional Cuban experience with friends and family. Our set includes 6 ounces of Bustelo Cuban Coffee, a Cuban Coffee Maker designed to make 6 cups of delicious espresso, and 6 Cuban Coffee espresso cups with a classic polka dot design. This set is sure to make your next gathering an unforgettable experience! Enjoy the rich, full bodied flavor of Bustelo Cuban Coffee, create your own authentic espresso with the Cuban Coffee Maker, and serve it in the vintage style cups for a truly unique experience. With this Cuban Espresso Coffee Gift Set, you can bring the spirit of Cuba to your home.

Cuban Espresso Coffee Gift Set for 6
01 Bustelo Cuban Coffee 6 oz
01 Cuban Coffee maker 6 cups
01 CUban Coffee espresso cups polka dots