Cafe Sello Rojo Espresso Dark Roast 10 oz Pack of 3

Cafe Sello Rojo Espresso Dark Roast 10 oz Pack of 3

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Product Description

  • COLOMBIA’S FAVORITE COFFEE: Colombians know coffee, and Cafe Sello Rojo Premium Coffee is the #1 best selling cup of joe in a country that is known for their superior coffee beans. Keeping Colombians caffeinated since 1933, Cafe Sello Rojo Espresso is bringing more than 80 years of history directly to the American market. Taste Cafe Sello Rojo Espresso Dark Roast and experience the best that this renowned coffee region has to offer. Columbian coffee espresso ground
  • 100% COLOMBIAN ARABICA COFFEE: Pure Colombian coffee. No blends. Cafe Sello Rojo Colombian espresso coffee has a dark roast, fine grind and produces a more intense body with notes of sweetness and low acidity. Cafe Sello Rojo dark roast coffee for expresso is freshly roasted and vacuum-sealed in bricks at the origin to preserve its lush aroma and rich flavor. Enjoy Cafe Sello Rojo espresso dark roast as a classic espresso o with a coladita for a cuban espresso shot. Supremo coffee bricks
  • BEHIND THE BEANS: Cafe Sello Rojo Cafe Colombiano is sourced directly mainly from family farms who take pride in their meticulously hand picked coffee beans. Harvested at their peak, Cafe Sello Rojo espresso dark roast beans are pristinely washed and sundried to perfection. Our coffee beans are roasted, grounded and packed at the source, taking artisanal care to achieve Coffee Sello Rojo’s coveted EXCELSO grading classification. Coffee Espresso Bricks
  • COFFEE’S PRIME CLIMATE: The Andes provide the perfect recipe of elevation, soil, and climate to give the Colombian arabica coffee beans that Cafe Sello Rojo Expresso Coffee uses in their globally recognized quality. That is why Cafe Sello Rojo dark roast espresso coffee is committed to never blend with lower quality coffees. Plus, Cafe Sello Rojo espresso ground coffee maintains a selectively low inventory to guarantee freshness every time. Columbian coffee for espresso
  • THE BEST BREW: For the finest Sello Rojo Coffee espresso experience, scoop one leveled tablespoon of Cafe Sello Rojo espresso grind coffee grounds into your espresso machine and voila!, enjoy a delicious espresso with perfect foamy crema every time. To preserve Cafe Sello Rojo ground coffee dark roast supreme fresh aroma, please store in an opaque, airtight container in a cool place, preferably refrigerated. Coffee espresso roast