Bandeja Seleccion Gourmet by Turrones 1880 17.9 Oz Pack of 2

Bandeja Seleccion Gourmet by Turrones 1880 17.9 Oz Pack of 2

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Product Description

The Bandeja Selección Gourmet by Turrones 1880 is a delicious and unique selection of traditional Spanish treats. Every box contains a variety of flavors, including classic turrones, marzipan, nougat, and other treats. This pack of two boxes contains a total of 179 oz of deliciousness, making it perfect for sharing with friends and family. Every bite has a unique flavor, combining the sweet and nutty flavors of the past with a modern twist. Enjoy a taste of the past with the Bandeja Selección Gourmet by Turrones 1880.

Best selling product from 1880. Select 1880 assortment consisting of more than 35 individually packaged servings and presented on an elegant 1880 tray ready to serve at the table (READY TO USE). Easy consumption, handling and conservation. Is an exquisite selection tray of 8 different types of turrón and chocolates: 

Almond & honey mini brittle bar

Almond Caramel  Crocanti mini brittle bar

Almond & Chocolate Mini Cake

Almond Delights 

Almond  Crumble Cake mini rounds.

Bombonias Cocoa Caramelized Almonds

70% Dark Chocolate bonbons with nougat 

70% Dark Chocolate Bonbons with Milk Caramel


*Ready to use

Supreme Quality

Product of Spain