Agustin Reyes Royal Violet  splash glass bottle 5 oz Pack of 2

Agustin Reyes Royal Violet splash glass bottle 5 oz Pack of 2

Code: AUG10-2



Product Description

Introducing Agustin Reyes Royal Violet Splash, a timeless and classic fragrance that has been a favorite of Cubans for generations. This delightful violet-scented splash is now available in a convenient and elegant glass bottle, perfect for any occasion.

Agustin Reyes Royal Violet Splash is made with the highest quality ingredients to provide a refreshing and long-lasting scent. Its unique floral aroma is perfect for any season, and it can be worn day or night, making it a versatile addition to your fragrance collection.

This pack of two 5 oz glass bottles is perfect for those who want to indulge in the luxurious scent of Agustin Reyes Royal Violet Splash for a longer time. Keep one at home and take the other one with you on the go to keep you smelling fresh and invigorated throughout the day.

The exquisite design of the glass bottle adds a touch of elegance to any dressing table or bathroom counter. The vintage-inspired label adds a touch of nostalgia, harking back to the classic era of Cuban perfumes.

Whether you are a fan of classic fragrances or looking for a unique scent to add to your collection, Agustin Reyes Royal Violet Splash is a must-try. With its long-lasting scent and elegant packaging, it makes for an ideal gift for anyone who appreciates the finer things in life. Try it today and experience the magic of this timeless Cuban fragrance.