Beautiful Cuban Christmas Tree. 24 " Aprox.

Beautiful Cuban Christmas Tree. 24 " Aprox.
Beautiful Cuban Christmas Tree. 24

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Beautiful Cuban Christmas Trees. Each tree is individually hand decorated by our designers. Not two are alike. Ideal for home or office or just for that perfect Christmas season gift. Very limited quantities are available since they are made by hand, every year our inventory is sold out before Christmas. Order yours today. Sizes are approximately and may vary in design and size by inch or so from those shown above.

Bellos arbolitos de Navidad con detalles cubanos. Cada arbolito es armado y decorado individualmente a mano por nuestros diseņadores. No hay dos iguales!! Ideal para su oficina, hogar o simplemente para hacer un regalo diferente. Todos los aņos nuestro inventario de arcbolitos se agota antes de Navidad, Favor haga su pedido con tiempo. Los tamaņos son aproximados y pueden variar en diseņo o tamaņo en mas o menos 1".

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